Jersey Boys…I won’t go. Here’s why.



If they did the movie about this album, I’d go. But I doubt they even mention it. Just like “I Walk The Line” never mentions “The Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me”.

I keep seeing reports that sitting is bad for you. Putting a big wrench in my plans.


It’s “Toyota”.



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A small section of “Epiphany”.

This 17 seconds of rock and roll nuttiness took a while to create. So I thought I’d throw it up remixed and tweaked. Please enjoy repeatedly, and stare into my eyes. Look into my soul. You and I are here together forever. Yes, “ba ba ba ba…”!!!!!!

Bim Skala Bim unites us all on a Monday.

My musical tastes intersected with my wyfe’s, when we met, at exactly one place. And this was it. Bim Skala Bim. I saw them three times over the years at Nietzsche’s on Allen Street in Buffalo. Whenever they came to town, I would go. And when I inspected Erin’s CD collection when we met (the first thing I usually did back then when I met a chick) I was pretty pleased to see that she owned a CD by this hard-touring, fun and exciting band.

Lots of stuff happened at those great shows. Old girlfriends, faces from the past. Even then, the carcasses of bridges newly burned, their faces like young ghosts. We smelled of patchouli and leather. They played and the meeker of us would stand on the periphery and bend our knees in rhythm, the bold dancing on that small square stage in front of the band. I never had the guts, but it’s the closest I ever came to dancing in public until a certain wedding some years later.

Anyhow, go to their website and check them out. I see that lots of the same guys are still there. They dedicated their lives to this stuff. Failing that please enjoy this song. They did a ska version of “Brain Damage” as well as “Sunshine of Your Love”. Not gimmicky ones, either. They seem a perfect match. When they came to town, it felt like they were my little secret. Although I’m glad this turned out to not be so by a long shot.  And like most people, but for different reasons, when bands of the 80’s and 90’s would slip on thru to public consciousness, I would hope that Bim would slip on thru as well, but they did not. If a band that good, that energetic and unique didn’t make it to the next level, what kind of seedy soul-selling mischief would it take?


Rush Limbaugh Kama Sutra Audio Book.

It’s a dreary Friday and I thought I’d throw this together. It’s sucky in some places but it’s ok in others. I can’t do any better on a dreary Friday.

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Why I don’t have any friends.

This song kicks ass. It never fails to make me feel better. To get me out of a funk. It’s positive, interesting, driving, and wonderfully sung by the great Peter Cetera.

If you listen closely, at about 3:02, the backing vocalists sing “Jumping Jack Flash is a gas gas gas…” I have known this for years, but I thought it was just a one-time gag for whatever reason. HOWEVER, and I just noticed this today while in the car, at 3:12, Robert Lamm plays the main riff to “Satisfaction” on the Fender Rhodes keyboard. Then he does it again next time around. WHY?

All I can tell you is that noticing shit like this is…unnatural and almost useless.

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Where’s Rebecca?

Cats are friggin’ dull.

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This happened.

They took the raccoon away from this guy. Neighbor complaints.

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