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jingoistic cattle prod.

9/11. Who were the heroes? To whom were they heroes? The people who died? It’s a lot easier to canonize people when they’re mere abstract ideas. Chits on a grim scoreboard. Over and over we as a people show our apathy…our disdain, really, for the ones that went in and shoveled the shit, who sorted out the charred limbs, the ones who sucked in those toxic fumes for days at a time. The ones we saluted with glitzy TV specials, on SNL (with “America’s Mayor”, natch) and in the media. The mere whiff of cynicism would be greeted with a cascading of huffing and blustering. The Patriot Act. The lack of solid support and unquestioned health care that those people sifting through the heads and legs, the paper and mercury, the concrete and the blood deserved. Like war veterans, in commercials we mime awe and rapturous genuflection, but in reality, like war veterans, we treat them like an annoying afterthought once their job is done and we’re left to ponder, “What now?”

Small humilations. Pick the devil you know. It’s ok to take a side. But god forbid we understand how and why this happened. I’m fucking tired of it. If people just read their history, they’d know. You might not agree with the why, but you aren’t under America’s imperialist boot-heel. Or maybe you are. TRY to understand.

Like veterans of Viet Nam and Iraq and soon Afghanistan, we make shiny commercials in honor of their patriotism and service, and then discard them once they’re of no more practical use. What to do with them? What to do? I am not saying that veterans have higher or lower rates of poverty than the gen pop. I’m saying that after putting your ass on the line so nobly or even ignobly, there should never be a QUESTION of poverty. They should be rewarded for the rest of their lives if they see combat. We can absolutely afford it. If we can afford a War on Drugs, we can afford this.

I have friends who think this has all been a plan of the US to increase and maintain our subservience to the ol’ MIC. It’s hard to believe that, but it’s harder still to think that year after year, shock after shock, we keep falling for the same bullshit. Or rather, it’s harder to ACCEPT. Buy gold!

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Meet the new boss.

Same as the old boss.

Tea Party members who voted for these people should…SHOULD be apoplectic at the shameless way their “ideals” have been bought and sold so quickly, but it’s pretty likely that they’re too distracted by their own sadness at how the fuck they’re going to be able to afford to take part in the consumerist Bacchanalia that is the holiday season.  How ironic that these blind, uneducated ideologues-in-training affected NOTHING, changed NOTHING, except cost us billions. The rich will get richer, the poor poorer.

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Vote Gilbert Neal to be the next Mayor of wherever it is we are. (a series of random thoughts)

I welcome your input and enjoy a good, well-reasoned debate if you disagree with anything I’ve said here. I know that by actually stating an opinion on anything, I effectively slice my potential constituency in half, but for you good people, the fine folks of my district, I am willing to take that chance.

When a Republican (I don’t really know of Democrats who do this, or why they would) runs hard-right to win a primary, and then modifies their position and tempers their rhetoric for the general election, how can you believe a word they say in any regard? And when did this become the accepted truth? And why does the press play it off as such a benign entity?

When a divisive, provocative proposition is placed on the ballot of a state merely (and obviously) to increase turn-out at the polls come election time, how do people still say we’re a democracy and not involuntarily collapse in a paroxysm of laughter? Do people not see how easily they are being manipulated?

Guns should be legal everywhere, for everyone, and treated, legally, like car ownership. Penalties for misuse should be severe.

All drugs (ALL drugs) should be legal everywhere, for everyone, and treated, legally, like alcohol and tobacco. When’s the last time anyone near you tried to sell you a truckload of their own brand of hooch? Would you seriously consider buying? There’s your answer. Penalties for misuse (read:hurting others while under the influence) should be severe.

Prostitution should be legal everywhere, and so should gambling. Most politicians and wealthy people of power use these things for their own hedonistic fulfillment without the possibility of punitive redress, so why shouldn’t the poor? Oh. Wait. That’s right. They’re POOR.

I wish I had thought of this first, but credit where it’s due. Still, that doesn’t stop me from repeatedly singing “One of Us” to my wife and kids, if only to try to show them how vacuous and manipulative every song that Disney comes out with truly is. I’m kind of a dick that way. It’s like a factory, but no amount of factory smoke will keep me from cleansing their pallets with some “Beatles For Sale”.  By the way, isn’t “One of Us” an appropriate title for a song that became the de reguer brain-washing music tool of the decades since? When was the earliest use of the vi-IV-I-V progression that you can find, fair readers? The best I can do is “Peace of Mind” by Boston, but that can’t be the first time.

People who think abortion should be illegal are silly. See, there’s this thing called human history. In it, we know, women get abortions. The wealthiest, from the first civilizations, get access to doctors who know what they are doing, usually in rooms that are designed for such things. Maybe the stirrups have fur lining. Maybe there’s John Mayer playing. I don’t know. But we also know that poor people get them too, only since they don’t have golden rolodexes handy, they usually need to seek out the last resort, which is often Seedy Joe and his assortment of clothes hangers and his pin-the-tail-on-the-uterus-style fetal justice, and maybe she gets whiskey and a nice car to bend over. To paraphrase Goodfellas, “Raped? Fuck you, have it. Incest with an aggressive drunken Uncle? Fuck you. Have it. Condom break? Make a mistake? Not as moral as people who have no idea who you are and what you feel would like you to be? Fuck you. Have it…”  So do you agree with me that women, rich and poor, throughout history, have had abortions? If you do, you know that it’s unlikely to stop. Ever. Legal or not. So all you’re doing by shooting doctors and flashing signs of  some poor lady’s gut-meat in front of frightened, desperate people is facilitating the ever-widening chasm between rich and poor. That’s ALL. And if that’s the kind of thing you think a merciful god wants, you’re just silly.

I believe in my heart of hearts that you anti-abortion fucks are in the “done” column of the pope’s list of “Things to keep in line in order to maintain a steady stream of young boys to touch in the good spot”.

I regret not discovering the music of Todd Rundgren and Utopia and immersing myself in it until my 40’s. But I discovered King Crimson, Stevie Wonder and ELO in my teens, so there’s that. You know what popular music had back in the day that’s missing entirely from today’s music? Virtuosity.

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