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So I made the kids watch “Everything’s Archie” on Netflix. And this was the first episode, wherein Reggie is being a REAL douche. Trying to get people’s attention, trying to manipulate Betty into liking him or some shit, planning stuff behind his “friend”‘s backs. Just endless hooliganism. Passive-aggressive manipulation with an angry, angry scowl. And yet, week after week, there he was, smiling an grooving to the newest song, playing the accompaniment to the latest dance.

So I explained to them that Reggie, even though a grade A …er…meanie….was also a great musician, who played guitar and sang with ease, making the band so much better with his talent. The band, Archie , mainly, had to weigh the benefits of having such a player with having to worry about that skeevy bastard with the indescribable haircut bird-doggin’ his chick(s). So Archie decided that having Reggie on  short leash was better than making him an enemy.

A few seconds of silence, and one of them asks, ” Daddy, who was Reggie in your band?”

Sigh.  It was usually me, kids.

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Only saw one nominee this year, and that was the Best Foreign Language nominee “Dogtooth”.

If you get the chance, see it. It’s on the Netflix. It stayed with me for days.

This week I’m going to try to make things “unstuck” as it were. I’d hate to have to give yet another ex-daycrush the old Salon treatment.

Here’s some disco Hollies to lighten the mood.

If you read this blog, you know my original music is available at gilbertneal.com.

I’m wondering if I should proceed with a fourth CD, as you know. Weigh in.

Fucking Wii.




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