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Sometimes you get so lonely.

Feels like there’s no one to talk to , so I talk to you again.

Watched “Spinout”, the 1966 Elvis movie.  In this movie, Elvis sings a song called “Smorgasbord”.

A song called “Smorgasbord”.

And in this song, there’s a line:

“I’ll take the dish I please, and I please the dish I take…”

Go to :15.

I know it really wasn’t his fault, but this is the year “Revolver” and “Pet Sounds” came out.  After “rubber Soul”.

This song was written by the same team that wrote “Devil In Disguise”.

I find it difficult to list my favorite David Bowie album, since most of them have some pretty big flaws. I suppose I would choose Hunky Dory from start to finish. But if there’s one record of his that influenced me more than any other (I didn’t hear Hunky Dory until well into my 20’s) it would have to be “Low”. The choices he made production-wise with those Berlin records still befuddle me. The drums are cacophonous but the bass (played by the tragically underrated George Murray, my favorite bass player of all time) is something that I try to emulate even now in my own ham-handed way. I also love this video for the way Bowie can teeter and fall at any minute.  Coke? Heroin? No sleep? Who cares?

Stanley Dorfman also directed:

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Do you have any good documentary films you’d recommend? I’m always on the hunt for that. Can you help a brother out?

Once I said to someone, maybe 5 years ago, at a play-date:

Me: “I think the key to happiness might be expecting nothing from anyone.”

They: “Nooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………………..”

Me: “Ok. No.

I was right 5 years ago.

Are you mourning the death of Joseph Brooks? You had to be around to understand how truly overwhelming the popularity of  Debbie Boone’s hit single “You Light Up My Life” was back in the day. It was everywhere. Skating rinks. Soap operas. Toothpaste commercials.

That’s Didi Conn miming Kasey Cisyk’s voice. The soundtrack version differs from the Debbie Boone in that they are slightly different tasting shit sandwiches.

I shit you not. Here’s Debbie Boone’s follow up single, also written by Joseph Brooks. A musician will recognize the similar chord changes. The song is not bad, but as anachronistic as this chord sequence was back then, hearing it twice on two consecutive singles is a cynical ploy.

And that was pretty much it for her.

For him? This was his attempt to write, act in, direct, and masturbate to his own vehicle. This mawkish piece of shit will make anyone with a heart wretch in their coffee. You’ll note that this piece of music Brooks “directs” once again relies on the same chord progression. Maybe he thought ii – V – I – vi – vii – III – vi – VI  would become the new black.

It looks like what an Osmonds vanity project might look like.

Aaaaaaanyhoo, her last entry in the top 100 pop chart was a dreadful thing called “God Knows”. It was co-written by Peter Noone. YES, THAT Peter Noone. Of Herman’s Hermits fame. The British Invasion blew the doors down, and a few strays were bound to sniff out the scraps.

Here’s that band at their excremental, cloying worst:

I’d punch him in the head if I were there. And I’m not a violent man. Just violently endowed with raw magnetism.

So after Herman’s Hermits broke up, Noone, of course, embarked on a solo career. And here’s his biggest single, the original composer on piano.

Noone’s version pre-dates Bowie’s, but it strips the lyric of meaning, I think. When Bowie’s version came out on Hunky Dory, it felt of a piece with the rest of that great, great record. Not to be corny, but play this song to your kids. I did when my baby gal was sitting in the back seat facing the rear, and I could see her in those twin-mirror set-ups they have so you can see her face. She was unmoved, but I was not!

This is greatness:


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