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Death By Glee?

Nicola Coviello (1846-1926) was a well-respected cornetist and musical professor who had performed for many dignitaries of his day, including Queen Victoria. Realizing he was at the end of his life, he made one final pilgrimage from London to Saskatchewan to say farewell to his son. On the way he stopped in NYC to say goodbye to his nephews, Peter, Dominic and Daniel.   On June 13, 1926 the young men took their famous uncle to Coney Island to give him a taste of America. All went swimmingly except for the constant blare of the jazz bands. Finally, he could take it no longer. “That isn’t music,” he complained as he fell to the boardwalk. He was pronounced dead a few minutes later. Cause of death was “strain on the heart”.

I wonder if that’s how I’m going to die if I hear the cast of Glee singing “Creep” again.


EDIT: “Being Alive” from the Tony winning “Company” and Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” horribly oversung in the space of 10 minutes. Why? WHY????

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Explain Glee to me.

From Wikipedia:

In 2009, the Glee cast had 25 singles chart on the Billboard Hot 100, the most by any artist since The Beatles had 31 songs in the chart in 1964.  In February 2011, Glee surpassed Elvis as the artist with the most songs placed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, though fewer than one-fourth have charted for more than one week. The cast performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” was certified gold in November 2009, achieving over 500,000 digital sales  The series’ cover versions have also had a positive effect on the original recording artists, with sales of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” increasing by 189 percent after the song was covered in the Glee episode “Showmance”.  Their cover of “Forget You” was also credited for making the original song reach a new peak on the Billboard Hot 100  on the same week the Glee cover reached the chart.

I watched this show once or twice recently to give it a chance. Explain it to me. As I see it, there’s kids saying lines about how great it would be to sing this song or that one, or sing songs by this or that artist, and then they…sing it, fully produced, no mics, without even the pretense of a plausible talent show or glee club recital. Everything immaculately choreographed, and sometimes there’s an awkward, ill-fitting mash-up, like someone took a bunch of scrap paper, wrote down some popular song from the past (good or bad, deserving or not) and glued them together in a Frankensteinian amalgam of attempted irony and high calorie, low nutrition treacle. With an occasional poorly rendered human emotion thrown in here and there. And an effeminate fellow who wants to use some hunk as a woodwind instrument. Right? What am I missing?

Seriously. Help me understand.

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