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My god, Brian Wilson has aged well. Kudos, Dr. Landy.

My god, Brian Wilson has aged well. Kudos, Dr. Landy.

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Here Comes The Night


1979 single version

1979 complete “Disco Single”

The disco version was co-produced by a fellow listed as “Curt Becher” but better known as Curt Boettcher, who was a member of one of the great sunshine pop albums of all time, The Millennium.

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Painful to watch.

I remember watching this as it happened, not fully understanding it, but somehow it reminded me of the dance my Uncle Ray used to do to get us kids to play “frisky policeman Frisk”.

Remember, kids, if the weird guy on TV tells you that cigarettes are food, don’t believe him.

Are you sad now? Don’t be sad. Remember—this happened….

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