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Needless Music

I never liked Cher. Not even remotely. I don’t find her vibrato pleasing, and her strange accent (She sings words like “morning” as “mawnin’ “) seems like a needless affect. Her best records were the ones she made in the early 70’s on Kapp with Snuff Garrett at the board. After that she just went crazy. I never found her sexy either. Her emaciated frame decked out in the latest garish Bob Mackie abortion. She didn’t understand the compelling possibilities of leaving something, ANYTHING to the imagination.

Here she is being produced with Phil Spector:

Here she is singing “Mr Soul”, produced by Jimmy Webb.

How fucked up did Greg Allman have to be in the 70’s to think that Cher as a wife was a good idea? This fucked up:

I always thought that the fact that she allowed their duet to be billed as “Allman and Woman” spoke to her willingness to do anything at all to stay relevant, even at the cost of her integrity.  To glom onto any trend or personality or style, no matter how vacant and tired. Occasionally she struck gold. But anyone who’s been chasing trends as long as she has will catch up to one now and again.

Anyhow, here’s some more shit. No one reads these so it doesn’t matter. I think they’re funny.


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