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Bev Bevan Sexually

If you Google “Bev Bevan Sexually”, this blog appears on page 2.

Someone out there searched for “Bev Bevan Sexually”.

Hi! He was cute.

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They called Jeff Lynne mad. ELO stuff.

There was a time that I would have bought ELO doilies if they sold them. DOILIES! I heard “One Summer Dream” and I was hooked.

Here’s Mik Kaminski and Kelly Groucutt , late of ELO, but still cashing in somewhat on the ELO name by calling themselves “OrKestra”. From the ELO website:

This song is taken from the OrKestra album “Beyond The Dream”. Peter Kuys, who was Kelly Groucutt’s executive producer from his solo album Kelly in 1982 and Orkestra albums, got involved with a movie called “Summer Job”. This was a welcome opportunity to invite Kelly’s group OrKestra which he formed with his fellow former ELO bandmate Mik Kaminski to write some film music. Kelly said: “At first it was just ‘Some Kind Of Magic’, but then it escalated to four tracks. We were then invited to appear in the film to play the part of an English band.” The band could be seen at the end of the movie performing “Some Kind Of Magic” at a pool party.” The soundtrack album also included “Bring On The Dancing Girls”,”Hold On To Love” and “Don’t Turn Away” taken directly from the recording sessions for the album. It was released in autumn 1988. The movie itself was a teenage sex comedy, which didn’t win any awards, so the rental video copies were quickly thrown on the market and then heavy play on HBO. I took the original album track and remastered it, adjusted the tempo to match the film footage. Mixed it with the film audio and synced to the film footage.

It’s horrible. The movie, the song, the image.

Here’s Mik Kaminski solo. The band is “Violinski”.One could think of this as a precursor to Trans Siberian Orchestra or that other shitty ensemble.

This isn’t bad.

Hard to believe Mike Edwards (former cellist for ELO) got killed by hay.

B-side to Bev Bevan’s solo single “Let There Be Drums”, a sloppy cover of the Sandy Nelson original.

This is Lynne, Bevan and Richard Tandy with English goofball Jasper Carrott from 1975:

This is weird. Solo Kelly Groucutt on American Bandstand. Sounding like an ELO outtake.

This is pretty good. De Albuquerque played bass for ELO on their second, third and fourth albums.





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