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Also to watch will be Wang.

1. I had a girlfriend who would sing “By The Light of the Silvery Moon”, and when she got to the second line, “…I want to spoon…” she would playfully attack me with a spoon. That song really does it for me.

2. John K. and I palled around briefly in my pre-teens. Once we went to the Valu on Dingens in Buffalo. He stole a pack of playing cards. It made me sick, not only the stealing but the ease with which this 10-year-old boy reconciled this action.

3. It’s sad, but the biggest celebrity I’ve ever met is Davey Boy Smith, one half of the former tag team champion British Bulldogs of the WWF. It was at the Howard Johnsons near the Buffalo International Airport. A Thursday night.

4. We never spayed our cats when I was growing up. They were somewhat feral, actually. They would have litter after litter in our house. Sometimes in the laundry room in the back of the house. Inside, outside, it was all the same. It never occurred to me that cats using your bedroom as a litter box was unnatural. Anyhow, we were too poor to fix the washer/dryer in said room, and in the hot summers, the fleas would take over. Unfortunately, one of the cats’ litters were almost entirely devoured by said fleas. I watched, as a boy, one kitten struggling to climb the stairs into the kitchen, only to stop and expire in the middle of their vain movements. A day later, dry. The next, gone. The memory still haunts me.

5. As you know, I think all drugs should be treated equally under the law. Adults should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone…without permission. I also believe that guns should be treated like hard-core pornography. If you can’t stock the one on your shelves, you shouldn’t be allowed to stock the other. Follow me? This dude had something tick in his head, and he had legal ammunition. I know the NRA’s philosophy, the same as abortion rights, basically. Afraid that if you make one thing illegal, then it’s a logical next step that’s the scary one. The 2nd amendment didn’t envision guns fast and powerful enough to take out dozens of people in an air conditioned multiplex in a few seconds. Can we all agree that common sense should trump legalese?

I’d be curious to know what motivated this fellow. The cause is usually the thing most easy to treat. Maybe it’s the old stigmata associated with mental illness. Maybe there’s whole hordes of people just like him wandering around, re-establishing the fear. Like the guy who fixed my computer last year. “Are you a believer?” he asked me as he jimmied the external hard drive from its case. “Sure…when will it be ready?” He did a great job. I AM a believer.

6. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no….

7. I leaned in for a kiss. She pulled away. “You smell like cat…” The snow storm that followed meant she would not be coming over to duplicate our ride to the Gold Circle. I don’t remember her name.

8. Shill shill shill

9. I know this is viral, but my favorite parts are the facial expressions of the two girls behind her, like two wall flowers at the dance jealous of the free spirit with the spotlight in the middle of the floor. And also “Also to watch will be Wang…” whose pre-race regimen of slapping herself on the thighs (normally a fairly titillating exercise in and of itself) suffers in comparison.





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Meet the new boss.

Same as the old boss.

Tea Party members who voted for these people should…SHOULD be apoplectic at the shameless way their “ideals” have been bought and sold so quickly, but it’s pretty likely that they’re too distracted by their own sadness at how the fuck they’re going to be able to afford to take part in the consumerist Bacchanalia that is the holiday season.  How ironic that these blind, uneducated ideologues-in-training affected NOTHING, changed NOTHING, except cost us billions. The rich will get richer, the poor poorer.

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You bought it with money you don’t have…

by “pepimartinez” off the HuffPo comments section, but it’s how I feel as well.


“The poor and the lower-middle class vote for Republicans because “one day, that could be me, and I want to keep what I earn. It’s MY money”. Well YOUR money is dwindling because the top 2% is putting the financial burden on the other 98%, while buying bigger and better toys and not investing a damn thing back into the country.

All the labor goes overseas, all their extra money goes back on wall street, where the game is fixed, the results are in, and they’re winning as the wealth gap gets bigger and bigger. That’s how stock prices soar, and our GDP goes up, but unemployment stays the same.

If you’re in the lower or middle class and voted republican, you bought what they were selling. You ordered the sham-wow off the infomercial, but the product won’t meet the promises. The only problem for the rest of us is you’ll keep voting against your best interests, probably make Obama a one term president, and bring the rest of us down with you because you don’t care that your neighbors unemployed and your brothers/sisters kids can’t get a good education because you just bought some new infomercial piece of junk you’ll throw away with your extra $500″

It’s “Mismatch Day” here at the old office.

Saw an old friend this morning.  It was nice.

Someone from the executive branch of our office came around to see if any of us were playing along with “Mismatch Day”. Those puppy eyes settled on my cubicle, but all I could offer was “I present a friendly facade, but I feel contempt for everyone.” WHY WON’T THEY PROMOTE ME?!?!?!?

Last night’s election was proof that people are ever so easily manipulated into following the brightest lights, the loudest noises, the shiniest hair, ultimately in direct opposition to what would actually make their own lives better. Congrats, you fucking ignorant cattle.


My favorite politician ever.

Gary Johnson’s views most parallel my own, but, moreover, he’s honest and pragmatic. Read a Salon article about him here.

And another here.

Game Air Edge

I used to believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry in the context of civil unions, thinking that we had no right to tell the church that they had to marry people they didn’t want to marry. But I’ve changed my mind. I think that any constraints on marriage based on sexuality alone is discrimination that should not be tolerated. And I am by no means a big fan of Sarah Silverman, but she’s absolutely 100 percent correct when she says:

I was wrong about gay marriage. Any time we tell people in America that they cannot do or be something merely because of what they are, because of what they do in their private lives, without hurting anyone, it hurts all of us, little by little, until there’s nothing left. I don’t care if you think homosexuality is a choice (really, who would choose such a thing in this supposedly “enlightened” society?). Even if it is, two consenting adults should be able to enjoy the freedoms that others enjoy. Of course, getting married is a freedom. BEING married isn’t, AMIRITE?!?!?!?

People can be accurately judged by how they feel about the freedoms of others.

“Sanctity of marriage” is a laughable conceit. 50% of all marriages end in betrayal, despair and bitterness. Marriage is like a good dominatrix. The concept is appealing enough, but the reality is that it’s painful, unnatural, and costs a fuckload of money to extricate one’s self from.  Now I’m talking about marriage, not commitment, which I like.

What does it mean that we need marriage to maintain commitment? What would happen, dear reader, if marriage were made illegal? Unrecognized? Would society fall apart?

What, exactly, do you think is holding society together?

NPR – and some other stuff.

I was listening to NPR this morning on my way to work. Do you know that the gap between rich people’s income and poor people’s income is wider now than it’s ever been? EVER!! And the sad part is that the poorest are also the most desperate, and the ones prone to vote with their hearts instead of their minds. Again, “What’s The Matter With Kansas?”

Joni Mitchell‘s “Help Me” has got to be one of the seminal recordings in all of popular music.

Thom Yorke has a voice that I could listen to for days.

Are you on a figurative treadmill? Do you find that the people you work with are unhappy?

My favorite album of the moment is “Oops, Wrong Planet”, from 1977 by Utopia. The original version of “Love is the Answer” is just uplifting. I can’t say that there was a better decade for music than the 70’s.

Why are you watching reality programs? It’s not reality. It’s NOT.

People think I’m funny, but I’ve dug myself a hole because i don’t know how to stop.

I don’t know how to stop.

I have about 20 videos to put up on the Youtubes in the coming week. Thanks to Jeff Dolina for the old VHS that will be available digitally in perpetuity for generations to come. Is that good, Jeff? Dave?

Working on a long post for Monday.

Working on a long article about the last 6 or so years of father-in-the-park-circuit. In the meantime, please enjoy this video of Jon Stewart taking the Republicans apart.

My BET (Black Entertainment Television) memory hole is getting bigger and bigger. Does ANYONE remember a rap song called “Honey” with a lyric that goes “H to the O to the N E Y, make an old man giggle, make a young man cry…”?

I know you all have your quizzle on. How’s about helping a soulful sucka out?

Jerry Garcia for Nixon 1968.

I bet neither one was aware of what the other was doing.


“If you gave (Jerry) Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox.”

Glenn Beck‘s rally was large, vague, moist, and undirected—the Waterworld of white self-pity.”

I’m thinking of the great Christopher Hitchens tonight. I hope you’re well. I’m sending a positive though, in my way, to you.

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