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Arrested Development

You may have plowed through the 15 episodes of the 4th season but you would really benefit from reserving judgement until you watch it twice, the second time slowly. The new season is just as good if not better than the previous ones. Only with careful examination can you get everything. And even then….Mitch Hurwitz knew exactly what he was doing.

Calm down.

P.S. The inclusion of an MST3K gag, as well as my now seemingly ubiquitous idée fixe Maria Thayer means I am now and will forever be loyal to the franchise.

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The numbers are in. I’m out.

I am a paying member of My songs are scheduled to play with artists that are more well-known and ostensibly similar in style. In my case, according to Jango, all-knowing, all-seeing, those artists that overlap the most with my stuff are Tears For Fears, Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell, Van Morrison, The Pixies, Chris Brown, and…. GG Allin? Man, you take a dump on stage once and they never forget. I suppose if I do it again it will be a tribute band-type thing.

So anyhow, I threw up two of the songs from the upcoming CD on there to see how well they would fare. I put what I felt were maybe the more accessible tunes from the other CDs up there as well. I was surprised.

If your songs are played at all, you either payed for them to do so (seedy-sounding I know) or they show up organically, which means that your tunes have been determined to be right in that station’s wheelhouse, format-wise. Trial and error stuff.

If someone really likes a song they hear, they can “fan” you, and you’re notified via email of same. Frankly I’m wondering lately if these people fanning me are real or made up in order to keep me re-upping my fee (I pay about $10 a month for about 400 plays, but organic spins are free).

People fan your music about 2% of the time.  I broke down which songs did the best and which songs tanked.

1. New song from CD, which pleases me no end. The fewest spins but the most “fans”.

2. Median Man (from “Our Deepest Apathy…”)

3. Jesus (from “Drink The Beast With Me”)

4. Calico (from “Vultures and Diamonds”)

The three songs here did WAAAYYYY better than their brethren. 5-8 were below average. And in last place was ANOTHER song from the new CD which I really thought would have done better. I’m surprised that it tanked, at least on Jango. I guess if I were a shrewd judge of taste, I’d have exported the work of this blog to Korea or Myanmar or some other.



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