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Abbie Neal and Her Ranch Girls – Episode 5 and 6

Here’s another performance of the same song by the Milo Twins:



Abbie Neal and Her Ranch Girls – Episode 4

Abbie Neal and Her Ranch Girls – Episode 1

A re-posting of the first show, with tags and stuff. Featuring Dusty Owens.

Abbie Neal and Her Ranch Girls – Episode 3

The great thing is that these episodes have not been seen by anyone in about 50 years. They’re a piece of history brought to life once again. I hope that some day some Nashville hoipolloi will see these and give my Aunt the credit she’s been due these many years. She was advised to skip Nashville by her then-husband/manager. Skip things like the Grand Ole Opry. Who knows what she would have done had she not been convinced to go to Reno instead?

I am often asked how I came upon these.


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