Writing and recording.

Hard to do in a vacuum, it’s true. Still, I have some people waiting to hear and perhaps invest some time or intellectual energy. Sitting in front of a DAW with my Les Paul and some pieces to glue together. I’ve also decided to keep pushing the last CD because it’s bloody good!


3 thoughts on “Writing and recording.

  1. Gregory Peckerwood says:

    Close every door to me,
    Hide all the world from me
    Bar all the windows
    And shut out the light
    Do what you want with me,
    Hate me and laugh at me

  2. Milbert Meal says:

    We are all on the run on our knees
    The sundial draws a line upon eternity
    Across every number

    How long the time seems
    How dark the shadow
    How straight the eagle flies
    How straight towards his arrow

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