Why I don’t have any friends.

This song kicks ass. It never fails to make me feel better. To get me out of a funk. It’s positive, interesting, driving, and wonderfully sung by the great Peter Cetera.

If you listen closely, at about 3:02, the backing vocalists sing “Jumping Jack Flash is a gas gas gas…” I have known this for years, but I thought it was just a one-time gag for whatever reason. HOWEVER, and I just noticed this today while in the car, at 3:12, Robert Lamm plays the main riff to “Satisfaction” on the Fender Rhodes keyboard. Then he does it again next time around. WHY?

All I can tell you is that noticing shit like this is…unnatural and almost useless.

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One thought on “Why I don’t have any friends.

  1. Also, I’m extremely self-centered.

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