You try to be a nice guy. No, really. TRY it.

Today turned out pretty good.

On my way to our keyboardist’s house for good coffee and manufacturing codas where there were none, I forgot that the hatch to the truck was still not closed after taking in the groceries from last night.  Driving down the very busy Rte 70 from Durham, the basket of clothes I had been planning to donate to the Goodwill or whatever spilled out and onto the boulevard. There was nothing for it. When a lady stopped me about a half mile down the road, incessant in her revelation that I lost my basket, I sort of shrugged, having immediately measured the effort it would have taken to collect a basket full of clothing from a busy thoroughfare, put it back into the truck, etc.etc. It was fate. The needy were not meant to wear Residents t-shirts.

Do you still use newsgroups? I posted this in 1999.


Using modern technology to make a difference, twenty-six Raleigh, NC
area bands andmusicians met, conceptualized, organized and compiled a
two CD set of music completely on-line, through e-mails, Web pages and
the message board on Can you believe that?

On June 28th, 1999, at around 2:30 pm, something strange and wonderful
happened.  A group of Raleigh musicians and fans, in the middle of a
fiery messageboard discussion about the merits of
the local music scene, put their heads together. They decided to use
their musical differences positively, to hopefully affect change, make
some new friends, and hear some local music they would not have been
exposed to otherwise.

The musicians also decided it would be appropriate to donate half the
purchase price from Internet sales of the compilation discs to the
Food Bank of North Carolina, since the needs of the poor and ill-fed
throughout North Carolina often get overlooked amid all the reports of
economic boom in the Raleigh/Durham area.

So co-producers Thomas “Ski” Szypulski and Gilbert Neal began putting
together a compilation of Raleigh music. Musical styles and scene
popularity were not considered, as they wanted a mix of styles, and
wanted new artists to have their voices heard as well. The response
was better than anyone dared imagine!

The CD is called Whisper to a Scream: A Raleigh Music Compilation, a
two volume set of music whose contributors include alternative, rock,
punk, metal, electronica, pop, funk and world music artists. The CD
will help bring needed funds to the North Carolina Food Bank who will
receive all the profits from the CD sales. The NC Food Bank is a
private nonprofit organization that fights hunger in 34 counties in
central and eastern North Carolina. Emergency food pantries, soup
kitchens, shelters, programs for the elderly, day care centers and
group homes all benefit from the work of the Food Bank.  The Foodbank
is particularly busy right now aiding in relief efforts for the
victims of Hurricane Floyd.

Web surfers are invited to visit to
sample on-line audio clips, learn more about the artists involved and
purchase the two Whisper To A Scream CDs, priced incredibly reasonably
at $5.99 each. The two CDs contain just under two hours of music with
13 bands on each disc.  Both volumes of Whisper To A Scream are
available for purchase.  Fifty percent of the purchase price goes
directly to the Foodbank of North Carolina.  A Whisper To A Scream
concert to benefit the NC Food Bank is currently being organized, too!

So enjoy! There’s everything from Miles Partridge to Meat Rocket,
Aftertax to Wofat. There’s electronica, emo, metal, funk, world music,
jazz, everything. The cover art’s by Todd Parham and Dean Sauls.  All
for you, a musical postcard from Raleigh, NC. There’s more to come, so


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