The Petri dish of stupid.

I haven’t seen “Twilight” and never will, but I have been seeing a lot of Robert Pattinson lately, on The Daily Show and then again this morning on GMA. I think I can safely say that what happened here was simply a case of a young, sexy, attractive female who fell for her co-star’s smoldering good looks as well as caved in to their daily proximity to each other. And then, one day, she thought “Gee, the sex is ok, but conversing with this dude is like trying to clean a microwave after an egg exploded.” And her director, probably infinitely more interesting and worldly, showed her how vacuous and light-weight her boyfriend was by force of personality alone. The guy is not evasive or coy. He’s clearly an idiot. A propped-up pretty boy that deserves our scorn, not our empathy. She did wrong, and so did the fellow she bumped uglies with, but seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone that good looking be so stupid in my life. The line of screaming idiots trying to catch a glimpse of this moron makes me think that the scythe of sweet death cannot come fast enough for so many inane, useless human weeds.

When I read that Kristin Stewart had a tryst with her director, my first reaction was indignation and disgust (not to be confused with the old comedy team of the mid-40’s), but now I sorta see what must have happened. Also, Jon Stewart, I think, made a mistake by having him on, maybe thinking this was some sort of coup, when in reality it became 10 minutes of awkward sadness.

This is what I mean when I say that some people never hear the word “no” their entire lives. Why try?

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