Watch out, K-Harb.

I spoke of bullying when it was an “epidemic”. But it’s never gone away. Heck, even Mitt Romney was a bully. He seems to have escaped unscathed from being forced to act the part of an upper-class twit. But much like bath salts, bullying is here to stay and as the information age becomes more and more sophisticated, creeps like this one have access to information about Whatever Happened To That Guy Who  Pantsed Me In Front Of Mary Jane and their anger rises in unexpected ways, as ever. Only now they can act on their pent-up rage. Kind of like what I’m doing now. With the typing and the writing and give me a bouncy “C”…”There was a man…who had a ham…and with whatever…yada yaddayaddaa….(applause)…….”

Jason Carroll Moss, 38, is accused of harassing his high school peers and threatening them through a 20-year reunion Facebook page after he claims to have been bullied in high school. Photo: Courtesy Photo / SA

Just…watch out. 

Now watch out some more…..

Life: Carl Ericsson, 73, was sentenced to life in prison today after fatally shooting a long-ago high school classmate who he said once put a jock strap over his head


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