What’s happening to me?

I told a friend of mine that she hugged poorly. What’s happening to me? I mean, it’s true. Don’t get me wrong. But still…who bitches about hugs?

Louie” was amazing last night. I’d write my own synopsis but I’m barely able to lift my fat fingers. You can debate whether or not you perceived what Melissa Leo did as rape or not, but the fact s are that she’s pretty fucking brave as an actress, that Louie CK is pretty awesome for portraying himself as so vulnerably…insecure, sexist, selfish, whatever. And it makes me glad to be a fan, sensing that I was watching something on the small screen that might not have played out like that before. Sort of how I felt after watching the meta-within-meta of The Simpsons episode called “The Day The Violence Died“. Or the famous Scott Tenorman episode of South Park. The LA Law episode that contained the first lesbian kiss in prime time. That kind of thing.

I’m the happy recipient of song 2 (out of…14…?) from my new CD. All shiny and nice. Wanna hear it? Notchett. Notchett.

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