Bulldog is the Vanilla Ice of this generation.

Every night, as I was watching TV and the kids were upstairs, their minds reverberating with my prescient lessons of the day, out of O’s room i would hear that familiar riff from Mickey and Silvia’s “Love is Strange”. Dewn dewn dew deeee deee dewn dewn dewn da…”. Over and over. Why is O listening to “Love is Strange” over and over?

Then I discovered, like someone discovers dog shit on their shoes when entering the house, that that shilling asshole”Bulldog”, the one who comes into a party, makes all the women magically turn into glittery trollops with a nod of his stubby head and smirks self-satisfied, has lifted another song whole cloth and, with the assistance of FM radio, shoved his feeding tube into the innocent ears of little girls like mine.

So after the post office, after the bank, I thought I’d edumacate her to the story of Mickey and Silvia.

After about 15 seconds, she says “OK.” And walks off.

What did I do wrong?

At least this was funny:


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