Sausalito Summernight

Usually people who think taxpayers should not spend $$ on certain things are wealthy enough to purchase those same things on their own. Tutors, security, impenetrable fortresses over and above fire code, abortions (er, doctors), drugs….no shortage of any of those things if you’re wealthy. Politicians on their high horses about what we should and shouldn’t put funds toward are usually woefully out of touch with the unwashed proletariat’s daily lives. But people can still be easily tricked into voting for them. That amazes and depresses me.

Here’s a good blog post from the excellent RetroUniverse about Diesel, a Dutch group that had a somewhat sad career trajectory. One song….ONE SONG…a failed single in their homeland, got heard here, and Polydor had a hit on their hands. By the time the song became a hit in the US, a year and a half after the album was released, the band had splintered into pieces. I think it’s fascinating. You hear the first notes and it takes you to that place. You know it does.


Think about it: before they became a hit in the US, touring with Grand Funk and Joan Jett, they were reduced to THIS:


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2 thoughts on “Sausalito Summernight

  1. Jeff says:

    Amazing and Depressing,Just saw an exchange between Stossel and Pat Buchanan.Is America in decline?Just 2 of the biggest pieces of shit Fox can (heh)trot out.I fucking hate stossel,and buchanan.Does he really have a sister,or is that him in drag

  2. I’m not gonna lie. Bay Buchannan to me was like the prison mistress in “Seven Beauties”. Any port in a storm.

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