This sort of thing fills me with anger.

When you get a call on your cell from a number you don’t recognize, the natural inclination is to call the number, right? I mean theyinvaded yourprivacy, right?

So it went this afternoon. I answered the call but all I heard on the other end was office noise. Was it a potential employer calling to schedule an interview? How would I ever know? So I called the number. No pickup. I didn’t leave a message. I did call again, though. And once more with no results.


I was in the pasta aisle at Food Lion. And my cell rang. Not the same number, but pretty close. “This is blabbity blabbity from (the last office you worked at)…can we help you? You called one of our employees three times….”

Who’s phone called me?

(name of ex-boss who said she’d keep in touch after your contract ran out, and would consider you for any permanent positions that open up, And even though one didopen up the week you left, your repeated attempts to contact her went unanswered…)

Turns out my old pal had my number in her cell phone and somehow accidentally pushed my button.



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