More irritation.

I was driving my spawn home from tae kwon do, absentmindedly answering Harrison’s questions about “why is that dog munching on that dead squirrel?” when I happened to find myself driving behind a grey pickup truck.  And my knuckles grew white from their tightening grip around the wheel as I saw this on his rear windshield:

What kind of god would allow this? It’s sick. It’s tacky. It’s pornography for the stupid.

Calvin’s non-conformity is what makes him special. Matched only by the non-conformity of his “creator”, Bill Watterson, who bravely eschewed each and every attempt to dilute the impact of the art form in which his masterpiece was created. And to picture Calvin kneeling in subservience to another, somewhat less witty, less relatable fictional character should make you sick.

Why do people put shit like this on their cars anyhow? The person who did this engaged willingly in a process whereby he became somehow aware that this kitschy eyesore existed, then felt the need to convert that nauseatingly ill-conceived epiphany into committing actual money for it. Then, taking that…thing…and putting it on his truck. And there it sits. Every day. I think it’s Fascist. I think this is tantamount to wearing a fucking Klan hood in public. What was the thought process? And is there no one in this man’s life who understands how sick this message is? Kowtow, Calvin.

It’s like this little piece of nonsense someone came up with once upon a time:

The last panel is black and white. Get it? Don’t worry. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s fucking fake.




7 thoughts on “More irritation.

  1. rhijulbec says:

    Love the post! He was insightful, erudite and almost my daughter! Except he was a boy…and a cartoon figure. I’m glad I stumbled on this. Please don’t yell at me.

  2. I’m sitting here laughing at what is either Indian trolling or some refreshingly obscure Martin Mull reference.

  3. rhijulbec says:

    Neither…I am a 57yo woman, wife, mother and proud grandmother! I live in Canada and am totally harmless, at least I think so. I go to Listverse every day and follow all the highlighted names to the inevitable “Hello World” attempt at blogging, which, by the way is as far as my attempt at this “blooging” thing goes. Look me up. I am vacant, bereft, not there. I am somewhat afraid to start this thing as I have no idea what it really is. Blogging I mean, not this reply. I am always happy to find an actual blog and your post bemused me so heartily I just had to reply. I have been called some very unsavory names for my efforts, (they are a rude bunch some of them). Hence the plea not to yell at me. As for Martin Mull I am not sure whether to be offended or pleased, depends on your view of his humour I guess. Thanks for the lovely reference to one of my favourite people, Calvin. I was sorry to see them go on that last toboggon ride. Are you old enough to have seen their actualy progression or a later admirer? Doesn’t matter, I am just being nosey. Ta for now.

    • rhijulbec says:

      Sorry for the double post or whatever its called. I try so goddamn hard not to make any spelling errors and appear younger than (or “then” as they say these days) I am I am a real stickler for spelling and grammar. I mis-typed actual. There I feel better. Again, please do not yell at me.

  4. I never yell at Canadians. They’re such a benign people. Calvin and Hobbes was in vogue when I was a lucid young adult. Martin Mull has mellowed appropriately, but he was insufferable on vinyl. Good then. Please enjoy all my bleatings.

    • rhijulbec says:

      Hardly benign, just polite. I shall enjoy and state my opinion occasionally, if that’s okay with you. No expectation of a reply. See…polite!

      • I grew up in Buffalo, dear girly, so i love all things Canadian. My favorite thing was the Canadian coins encased in lucite on sale at the Niagara Falls souvenir shop. Sincerely, thank you for making yourself known! Welcome!

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