I think I thought I found her. I think.

My idée fixe.

I was planning on returning to the ol’ Winch this summer, and naturally, my thoughts turned to a girl who is married with two possibly adult children, who hasn’t seen me in 35 years, and truthfully, forgot who I was last time I called her at her home to point out that it was our mutual birthday. For me it was an important yearly ritual.

So one of those alumni keeper-tracker thingies online had her email address, or maybe AN email address. Maybe an old one. Maybe a very old one.

So I sent her an email linking to my blog page.  Let’s see what happens!

I have been listening to old Aerosmith lately. They were a ferocious band, and I really think their first 5 albums are as good as anything of that time in that genre. Especially “Rocks”, their 1976 album. Joe Perry is underrated, but it seems like after all the rehab and politicking, they basically gave the reins to Steven Tyler entirely for their reunion. All the hired guns co-writing their stuff,  virtually NO collaborations from Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton or Joey Kramer. But boy, those first few records really get under my skin in a good way. Melody, lyrics and that hard-charging rhythm section turn it on on every track. My favorite Aerosmith song is “Nobody’s Fault”, but every song on those records offers up something. Swagger that’s genuine. There’s nothing worse to my ears than the fake swagger of their offerings since 1980. Maybe they should go back on drugs. That Burger King commercial Tyler is in makes me sick.

If they had stopped after the first big break-up, that would have been ok with me. Kinda like my first band, Leo. Paul and I were just as polarized as Perry/Tyler, but we lived just down the street, Paul’s drums were made of plastic, and my guitar never recovered from that missing volume knob.

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