Robin Gibb

….did not produce this. Maurice did.

The Osmonds rode quite a few waves trying to recapture their glory days. Their albums only hit the Billboard  Top 10 once, and barely. They tried Disco here, and Country later, to a little more success. I’ve always found this fact entertaining, if a little depressing. All that talent, and so artistically bankrupt at the same time.

Robin Gibb put out some of the worst solo stuff imaginable.

Here he is sorta kinda recreating the video motif live. Well, “live”.

Jeff Lynne produced this. More new wave emotionlessness.

I choose to remember Robin Gibb as one third of a songwriting juggernaut that relied, like The Beatles, on a very high standard of songwriting quality control, which recreated itself twice successfully, and that’s twice more than most acts. His voice is/was an acquired taste, but in the context of the Brother act, almost a perfect foil for his more talented older brother, who also crashed and burned outside of the hothouse.



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