Working on writing.

Saturday I’m going to read a part in a play for some thing they do at the Carrboro Art Center. It’s in the evening. That’s all I know. Before that, in the afternoon I meet a photographer to see if my inspirations inspire her to beat up my inspirations. All this has me working on my old script for that crime drama I was working on, “Tic Tic Bang”. Two cops, one, an old veteran of the street, rugged, gristled, respected by the very crooks he’s trying to stop. Named McNeil. Two divorces and a running feud with the chief of detectives. McNeil will bend the law to suit his needs on a given case, but he’s always fair, and always kind, unless you break the law. Then he comes down on you and all your cronies like a hammer.

He’s involuntarily paired with a rookie on the force that goes by the name of Jack Stone. No one calls him that. They all call him “the Rookie”. Hard-headed, impertinent and impossible to tame, he’s a hit with the ladies due to his rogue attitude. McNeil lost his long-time partner in a drug bust gone wrong, so he resents this new upstart. However, he sees Jack Stone’s talent and brings him along week by week. Sometimes a tender moment between the two interrupts the fire from the street, but that’s only because they both have violent tics from untreated Tourette’s Syndrome. Their exhausting series of yips, grimaces, shouts and their endless stream of inappropriate swearing and baby voices combined with their twisting, writhing bodies crumpled in contorted masses on the plaza floor make solving crimes that much harder. The chief (named Blaubau) thinks that McNeil is swearing at him personally, and no one has had the heart to tell him otherwise.


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