I have no memory of anything at all.

I don’t remember which school I attended that I couldn’t afford and for which I didn’t have enough Pell grant $$. I took out one student loan. After Buffalo State, I moved so many times that that little book they send you got lost. So I never got it until years later. I have tried to make it right as my finances have ebbed and ebbed a little more, but it still follows me to this day. What a colossal waste of time and effort. Well, time.

Someone posted on Twitter that Don Cornelius brought in Black History Month with a bang.  I find that tasteless and insensitive so I will not repeat it. I used to line up our kittens in dance lines and try to get them to walk between the rows. We had that many fucking kittens.

When the Giants played the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, the thought of any team going undefeated made me somehow uneasy. The same way I felt when the Redskins of 1983 threatened to become the most dominant team of the era. Queasy. Sort of overwhelmed. So i went to Barnes and Noble and thumbed through books until I knew the game would be over. I got home just in time to see the Tyree catch. But that wasn’t my favorite play from that game.  This was:

Jay Alford played one more year for the Giants, got injured, played a few games for Oakland, got traded to Seattle, never played a down for them, and now plays in the UFL.  The UFL.

The longest pass Tom Brady completed in that entire game was 19 yards. That blows my mind.

I probably won’t watch this one either.

I’m on the Twitter at @gilbertneal1. Those words all make sense on their own, but put together they are strange indeed.

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