So I made the kids watch “Everything’s Archie” on Netflix. And this was the first episode, wherein Reggie is being a REAL douche. Trying to get people’s attention, trying to manipulate Betty into liking him or some shit, planning stuff behind his “friend”‘s backs. Just endless hooliganism. Passive-aggressive manipulation with an angry, angry scowl. And yet, week after week, there he was, smiling an grooving to the newest song, playing the accompaniment to the latest dance.

So I explained to them that Reggie, even though a grade A …er…meanie….was also a great musician, who played guitar and sang with ease, making the band so much better with his talent. The band, Archie , mainly, had to weigh the benefits of having such a player with having to worry about that skeevy bastard with the indescribable haircut bird-doggin’ his chick(s). So Archie decided that having Reggie on  short leash was better than making him an enemy.

A few seconds of silence, and one of them asks, ” Daddy, who was Reggie in your band?”

Sigh.  It was usually me, kids.

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