Are you ready for some foot-mouth?

1. Hank Williams is a redneck by admission, and to put him in front of an open mic left to opine free-form about the day’s events is begging for shit to hit the fan, as much shit as the ol’ Bocephus has left in that gaping Nugentesque hole.

2. He lucked into the greatest music/marketing tie-in in history, so he should have known better than to even say the word “Hitler”. Even in 2011, the word, used in comparison with anyone, still stings, and especially when coupled with Barack Obama. I’m an independent but I’ll be dipped in used chew-juice before I vote for any republican not named Tim Johnson. Having said that, ol’ Hank was comparing the unusual golf pairing of Obama and Boehner as unusual on the order of Hitler and Netanyahu, and made no allusion to the politics of either.

In a political discussion, Williams voluntarily brought up President Barack Obama’s golf game with Speaker of the House John Boehner during this summer’s debt ceiling negotiations, calling it “one of the biggest political mistakes ever” and invoking Adolf Hitler.

“That would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu,” Williams said, via the Huffington Post. “Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?” ….

What if he had reversed the names? Thereby, comparing Boehner with Hitler? Maybe Fox would have been upset for a while but he surely would not have lost his deal because of it.

3. He’s right about the sickening image of the two playing golf while America literally shivers with fear as the winter comes, the bills come due, and our expectations and dreams begin to whither into a nice package of resignation and compromise. 

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