I can hear a Roland R8 drum machine from a mile away…

Basia was born in Jaworzno, Poland in 1954. She debuted as a guest of local amateur rock band Astry and performed with them on Polish Festival of Beat Avangarde in Kalisz, where they won. Thanks to this performance, she was a member of the popular Polish all-female vocal group Alibabki from 1972 to 1974. From 1977 to 1979, she sang with the rock band Perfect…

Here’s some Polish rock for your ass.

This video was played every 5 minutes once upon a time in the early days of VH1. The drums you hear are those of a Roland R8 drum machine, which I once owned.

Nothing like that ever happened at any of my band’s gigs.

It took her a long time to break into the US market. Here”s her inimitable sound in the trio Matt Bianco. Oy, the fake bass.

But when she did, she sure did. And I believe she recorded two videos per single, one for the European market and one for we unwashed. Note the needless drummer, bassist and back-up singers. Basia did all her own backing vocals.

Here’s that same tune, different video.

I like Basia. I am amused by the fact that these songs, from that album (1987) can still be heard at almost any supermarket in America.

I could go on and on about VH1 when it first started as an alternative to that dangerous, dangerous MTV.  While people of a certain age were being corrupted by INXS and that sexy Michael Hutchence,  the more refined among us were watching things like:

Sometimes I wonder if videos by people like Ivan Lind, Brenda Russell, Ben Sidran and Steve Miller will go the way of black and white films of the early 20th century. Taken for granted and eventually lost for all time. I remember seeing them but I cannot see them anymore. Kinda like the early days of BET.

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