a dream

I got out of my car and stood outside the Millennium Fitness windows, steamed from the inside, filled with athletic men and women. She and her mother approached me out of nowhere and we began talking about the other two fitness buildings that formed a kind of alley leading to the fitness center itself. In the brief conversation that ensued, I fell in love with the daughter, maybe 25. She got in her car and we kissed sweetly, slowly and not sexually. More like a tacit intimacy, a commitment to forever. And she wrote her phone number down on a denim napkin she handed me.

We all drove together down a rainy highway to some sort of farmer’s market packed with fresh produce, but it was the evening, which I found odd. Have you ever been to a farmer’s market at night? We arrived among a throng of people who seemed to know them but not me. However, the drive itself was not a peaceful one. I was navigating the slippery thoroughfare with a Wii-like controller, and this led to all sorts of problems with the other cars on the road. And lost in all this commotion, the mother was somehow left behind. So as we arrived at the farmer’s market, we were all in a state of high anxiety waiting for the mother to somehow traverse, on foot, the 6-lane highway.

Meanwhile, my real family arrived and we all pored into the car and looked for the woman. And that’s the end of the dream.


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