Strange music redux. From Germany to Illinois.

A group of Germans singing proto-metal as if they don’t understand what it is they’re singing. I love to immerse myself in the Les Humphries Singers. Especially cool about this video is the lead singer’s little dance during “War”, the singer of the middle song looking like a dead ringer for Mike Myers, and the version of Sabbath to close. Just awesome.

Just indefinable.

Here’s the Rotary Connection’s best song, really. Minnie Ripperton sang in this group.

Not their best:

If you like their version of “Respect”, you’ll like their entire discography. That’s what they did. Their stuff was produced by a fellow named Charles Stepney. Who was Charles Stepney? Well, he was famous (or infamous) for, among other things, trying to drag Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters into the psychedelic age by producing their late 60’s records in that fashion. Dig these funky fuzz guitars. The space. The claustrophobia.

Then Stepney helped bring this amazing music to the world. Goddamn I love this.

Had he lived past 1976, I think EWF’s legacy would be much different now. They went downhill pretty much, making some magic, but nothing matches those early records for sheer mystery and stunning beauty.

What joy!!! Music can lift spirits and make you cry the good tears.

EWF came close occasionally to recapturing that magic:

To my ear, there are two tragically underrated bass players in rock history. One is George Murray…

…and the other is Verdine White. Not a mere funky player (though he is that, DAMN) but his pop sense is and always has been flawless. The man practically invented the concept of SPACE in a funk groove. To my ears, every bit the equal of Bootsy Collins, and that’s praise. No one mentions him with the greats, but I am. Now.

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