Hangman, hangman. Hold it a little while.

What’s that, Harrison? You want to make fruit salad? Sure. And as a reflex response, I will sing this song to myself:

Recognize that guy in the white hat? It’s the same guy playing drums here:

Then he did this.

Fucking fruit salad. I’ll never make fruit salad without thinking of Paul Hester, the guy who brought a comic sensibility to those Crowded House videos. I remember him once on MTV railing against Robert Palmer’s video trilogy. My favorite of which is:

But I get it. It’s the fact that it doesn’t matter who is portrayed as musicians in a video.

I mean, Mike Love didn’t play the sax solo in “Kokomo”. But…(2:20)

And David Bowie, who I love, didn’t play the solo on “Let’s Dance”, did he? (3:39)

So Terence Donovan (the director of Palmer’s seminal videos) probably knew that the images were disposable, so they might as well be parodic.

Terence Donovan pissed off Paul Hester.

Ironically, he hanged himself just like Hester did.


See you tomorro…oh never mind.

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