Battle of the bean

There are four places I go to get coffee in the morning. It’s a rotating choice depending on the time I have, where I go and if I’m meeting someone. There’s Cup-a-Joe in Hillsborough, Weaver Street Market, also in Hillsborough, Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill, and the new Depot near Hillsborough Elementary. I decided tonight would be a good night to rate them for you, my loyal reader.

Best Coffee: Cup-A-Joe in Hillsborough. Always has a zing to it. Refills aren’t free, but they sell a 20 oz. which was excellent when I had to drag my ass to Morrisville every morning. WSM and Fosters give bottomless cups, but the coffee is nothing to write home about. I think The Depot’s coffee is somewhere in the middle.

Best Food: WSM, but mostly because they have fresh, hot food. If I were to go by muffins/bagels, I would have to choose The Depot for their fresh-made Banana Walnut muffins. They’re warm! Moist. Foster’s has pretty good stuff, too (especially their Breakfast Burrito) but it’s inconsistent as to preparation. It’s real close. CAJ has a good Morning Glory muffin.

Ambiance: The Depot wins over Foster’s because it’s smaller, quieter, and more interesting. It’s basically a smaller Foster’s. WSM gets loud, and CAJ is too small.

They all have the WiFi. WSM is the only one that’s required rebooting on a frequent basis.

I really like The Depot. They have music nightly, and they just sprouted up.

Some of these places have a “gang”. People who are there when I’m there. Every time. They all know each other’s names and stories. They speak with a familiarity and easy-going pleasantness that I have come to loathe intensely.


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