Land of the Lost

Woke up, made the kids breakfast, and then lunch. Drove them the Weaver Street Market to buy some half and half for the guest who was arriving at my home (who cancelled as I was heading home due to a headache) at 7:45. Dropped the kids off at 7:30. Got the cancellation, went home. Made coffee and drank it while watching The Sopranos on A & E. When that was over, watched DVR’d The Daily Show. I don’t like John Oliver. Went back to sleep until 10:45. Panicked, wondering where the day had gone or was going. Went to make a ham sandwich. Noticed some large black ants were being swatted around by the cats. Used deli mustard and swiss cheese. Drank a Coke Zero. Watched Relapse and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Made another cup of coffee. I could use a therapist for a week solid. It struck me that people need to pay other people to listen unconditionally.

Thought about recording some music. Didn’t. Won’t. Why bother? I have about five different unresolved conflicts with family and friends that just don’t seem to be moving. Played Soccer Bashi on the Wii. When I think about Soccer Bashi I feel a weird sort of anxiety.

I wish I had a job.

That ham sammy is just sitting there. I feel a scratch in my throat.

Olivia thinks the song “In My Life” might be about a soldier.

Sometimes I think I show signs of an addict. I feel like I burned so many bridges that now people won’t come near me, like an addict.

Get out. Take a walk!

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2 thoughts on “Land of the Lost

  1. Lyle Lascelle says:

    But I like John Oliver.

    Here’s a punchline: I got a gig in an all girl band.

  2. Lyle, really? I don’t know when anyone’s kidding anymore, but….ok….wait a minute….it isn’t….oh no. Lyle, say you didn’t.

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