The Shoes Upon Our Feet.

” His desire to be taken seriously by the music industry as an artist in his own right caused him to sever his connections with Sun and strip off the mask before a capacity crowd at the Eastern States Exposition, vowing never to wear it again. (When his career subsequently waned, he re-donned the mask in 1987.)”

The man behind this act (Shelby Singleton) owned Sun Records at the time that the man singing, Orion, became…er…famous.  He formed Plantation Records in the late 60’s. His first and only #1 hit was “Harper Valley PTA”.

15 years later, if you care:

The original was written by Tom T Hall.

He also wrote this:

Which somehow morphed into this:

Tom T Hall also wrote this:

And this:

Which sounds better when it comes from:

The Killer’s seminal country records of the 60’s were produced by Shelby Singleton. Of course Jerry Lee was also one of the great artists on Sun in the 50’s along with Elvis. Elvis’ rotting carcass was picked clean by great men like Shelby Singleton who put up inferior artists like Orion to prey on the gullibility of a hero-starved nation in the late 70’s. But that’s beside the point.

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