They can have their trivia. I have the lamb shank. Well, had.

Every day the editorial department would break at about 3:30 or so to have a trivia contest. We were right next to them, could hear every question and answer, but were almost never invited to participate. The one week we were I smote my enemies with an unmerciful thwack. But that’s beside the point.

We were in a meeting and I told my peers that I had an excellent trivia question that no one would know the answer to. It was “Who was the first artist to record Barry Manilow’s ‘I Write The Songs’?”

The answer I got: “Who’s Barry Manilow?”

One weekend the fam went to the Greek Festival in Raleigh. There, I enjoyed the tastiest lamb shank I ever had. I was obsessed! So the next week, whenever we had either a meeting or a group discussion, I would try to insert the topic of lamb shank. But when someone asked me why I was obsessed with lamb shank, I denied that I was doing anything differently.

Why don’t I have more friends?

Ron White, I miss you.



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