Movie cliche.

I’m sick of it.

A guy (or girl) walks up to his/her girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s (or recently ex-) apartment door (it’s always an apartment) and knocks. The apartment dweller answers with wet hair. The person knocking gives a brief kiss or salutation. And that person living in the apartment says “Uh…I didn’t expect you…” or “I’m a little busy…” and the person knocking sort of barges in, expresses some mindless treacle, but is immediately confronted with that person’s new lover, either in a bathrobe or a towel.  And the new lover can’t just let two people talk. No. They have to assert their territory by either holding that person’s hand or something like that.

My next CD will contain a song called “Gunt”.

I was describing your gunt to a friend,
I did not mean to demean or offend,
I said your face was quite nice, to that end,
When can I see you again?

I was imagining gunt-focused games,
Something with coins or dead President’s names,
If you sat still for a while,
Then jiggled your belly flesh pile,
Maybe your gunt would be less of a burden,
Less of a cave I could drive a wild herd in,
And flop-sweat so noisy I can’t get a word in,
I fear not your rear, but the gunt in the front,
Please don’t be mad, I don’t mean to be blunt,
When can I see you again?



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