A free t-shirt with your potato chips.

A new vending company made a big show out of offering healthier snacks, better choices, a sandwich carousel, water bottles, etc. They punctuated this by offering everyone a free bag of chips with a t-shirt inside the packaging. It had all the air removed so it took up much less space. Mine was too small, and there were no XXLs being offered, so I gave mine away.

Pretty soon their machines stopped working entirely. No way to get those M&Ms or that sodee pop. The machine didn’t take your dollars. In fact, the only thing it DID do was break your 4 quarters into 10 dimes. This was surely some kind of Milgramesque experiment. And there was no recourse. I just found it odd that a company who did nothing but put machines in place and collected the cash once a week would a. make such a big show of their presence and b. fail in such a small task so quickly and completely.

There was only one machine that worked and that machine was a good 100 yards away, in the cafeteria. When I was training they made a big deal about the coffee urns and how there’s always coffee. There were urns every 10 yards or so, it was true. This tepid brine was the worst approximation of coffee I ever tasted. But there was lots of it. Would employees who were respected and valued have to tolerate this? Would SAS or Red Hat or UNC Hospital employees be made to feel grateful that there was anything at all? Yes, I’m complaining.

And the same architect of the cheaply made signs that insulted us in the bathroom stall was at it at the coffee machines. “Good to the Last Drop? Make a fresh pot.”


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