Uptight. Everything is alright.

We started the same day.

It went like this: They interviewed x people to fill 4 jobs. Three in editorial and one CPA (copy and paste associate). The editorial folks got a dollar more an hour. We all interviewed for the same position, and I got the CPA position. You’re thinking I should be grateful to even get a job. Maybe. Why was I not hired to write? I had more experience than anyone hired ahead of me. That’s a fact. And later on, once all three people hired ahead of me had left for greener pastures, I asked the guy who interviewed me if I could move over to his department. He said they weren’t hiring anyone. Which seems odd. Think about it. You lose three people and you don’t hire the next qualified person to fill one of those roles. Why not?

It’s not like I had accrued asshole time. This was out of the gate. The woman who headed editorial interviewed THEM. The guy who ended up being my boss interviewed ME. Why? We all took a test to see if we could turn talking points into a readable profile. Later, I would ask why I was not hired in editorial to begin with. The man couldn’t tell me. He shrugged and said “I don’t know.” I said “That cost me a few thousand dollars this year…”
and he sheepishly sauntered off. It would have been nice to know.

I was angry but I also wanted to make a new start of it so I was friendly and open to everyone I was allowed to be that with, if you know my meaning.

So anyhow, we started on the same day, training. Three people of various ages who had somehow leapfrogged me at this place and would make more money, have a better chance of staying on after our contracts were up in a year (North Carolina lets you contract for one company for one year only, and then you can’t go back for six months. I know now that’s not possible for me, so here I am) and were doing what I wanted to do. And she said to everyone that she lived in Hillsborough. I live in Hillsborough. So during a break I asked if she wanted to car pool, since we lived 25 miles away. The look of fear. I will never forget. We never car pooled.

Regardless, a few weeks into our contracts, some gig I played had given me a gift certificate for a local restaurant to which I had never been. She happened to mention it as her favorite during training. So I thought I’d give mine to her. She might have said thanks. I don’t recall. But I do recall how it didn’t makeher any more pleasant toward me. I tried. I really did. I thought it was enough to remember some stranger’s favorite restaurant and give them an unsolicited goody. Wouldn’t that make you warm up to someone a little? That’s all I really expected, if anything. But she couldn’t even do that. And pretty soon she was gone.

I said to my manager that I among all my peers had shown my loyalty by sticking it out. He said “Eh, they just found better jobs.”

I’m an old softy. Or an idiot.


One thought on “Uptight. Everything is alright.

  1. Realist says:

    You might be a softy. You ought to try to be a realist. IMO, every corporation that I have worked for is a microcosm of society at large and as such always has the requisite majority who are liked by management and those who are not. Some justly and some unjustly disliked. When you recognize that you mean nothing to the company that you work for its time to find something else to do… namely something that you like to do that also pays you money.

    Be yourself. Everyone can’t like you but you can make your life happy by doing things that make you happy. I find life has so much to offer that spending time and emotion about people who don’t get you or don’t try to get you is a waste and a recipe for depression.

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