You can see ’em coming.

I began the long walk to the toilet. If you see someone coming that maybe you don’t want to talk to, sociopath that you are, you COULD take a detour through the other side of the wall. That’s exactly what one of these people did when they saw me coming. I knew this because while you COULD take a detour, there’s nothing in either path to waylay someone long enough to make a difference. So I see her coming and see her take the detour. Instead of walking down my end of the hall, I backed up and took the other way. And there she was. I smiled and said hello, but she kept her fucking head down.

This one was a treat. Got the job I wanted though she had no experience. Who knew what the merit system was/is? She had been a barista at Starbucks. And she was a sniping little thing. Once during a department meeting/team-building exercise, she snapped at co-workers behind their backs where just minutes before she smiled to their faces. That always irritated me. I was a pariah because of my age alone at first, and only later did people have a genuine reason to dislike me.


One thought on “You can see ’em coming.

  1. Realist says:

    Your description is so spot on to many, many ‘catty’ types I have encountered over the years. Two-faced, useless human garbage who think no one notices their duplicity.

    Life’s cruel absurdity almost guarantees this person doesn’t even know she behaves like this or, probably more accurate, has not the mental capacity to understand her futile existence.

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