Burn a boat or burn a bridge.

The corporate world is a pile of shit. After having experienced a moderately pleasant (read:uneventful) year-long contract at a local company, I’m thinking of putting the events down and sharing them with you. Especially the way it ended. But sensible people say that would just be burning a bridge. A bridge to where, I wonder?


4 thoughts on “Burn a boat or burn a bridge.

  1. AndrewT says:

    Give it a shot . . .I’m sure we’ll enjoy your observations.

  2. Ah, but at what cost,…..At…What….Cost…?

  3. Mark D says:

    Bridges are meant for burning… If you will never work for the company again, what difference will it make? And would you want to work for any company who values another company’s perspective over yours? I wouldn’t and don’t.

  4. Mark D says:

    Life is much to short to care about the feelings of other people. As long as your writing is truthful the former co-workers have nothing they can say except to offer their viewpoint. Be not afraid of the sheeple.

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