What do the ‘4th wall’ and my heart have in common? Tina Fey is not on my ‘list’. She IS my ‘list’.

They were both obliterated when I saw this for the first time. And the second. And the third, fourth, and next:

I love Tina Fey so much that I almost cannot stand it. She is stunning, smart, funny, and you can tell she would not suffer fools.

I wish I could find a good capture of the scene she does in the 30 Rock episode “Hard Ball” wherein she launches into a little PC speech about gay dudes and hybrid cars and then knowingly winks to the camera on her right. Here’s a crappy one:

This show makes me laugh every time I see it. And the ratings are not even close to, say, Amurcin Eyedoll, the show where vast swaths of middle amurcin human garbage tunes in every week to see if dat dere blonde lookin’ chick whut wit da big titties dun beat dat queer fella wit the sparkly thangs on his whatsit. I think we’re too entrenched in our own demographic comfort zones. We need a revolution.

When shitty, mindless faux-Vanilla shit like Two and a Half Men must survive at all costs and yet Arrested Development can’t even last three full seasons, when Snooky makes millions in personal appearances but Katy Selverstone can’t find a gig, when Mr Show With Bob and David is a distant memory but HBO has no qualms about shoveling millions at the snooze-fest they call Boardwalk Empire, it’s time for a revolution.

I don’t post as much lately because my mind has been compromised by that old black tragic that I know so well.

The “list” is from the Friends episode wherein one or two of the characters (Rod? Raychelle?) made a list of celebrities that, if given the chance, they would request to be allowed to sleep with with the blessing of their partner.

My list is Tina Fey, the aforementioned Katy Selverstone, Maria Thayer, Thomas Dolby’s wife, and Bobbie Battista.


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