This happened.

I never heard of this movie, but as you see, it had lots of stars in it. Probably a vehicle for Alyssa Milano and another time-killer for Robert Downey Jr. directed by his father, who also directed “Putney Swope” and then a whole lot of nuthin. Only 5 years after “Chaplin“. Look at how emaciated and fucked up he was.

Lots of people point to “Putney Swope” as some sort of revolutionary master stroke, but I like it less every time I see it. Seems awful clunky to me.

Hey, whatever it is, it’s been done before:

Personally, I don’t get the adoration. I saw the doc, and listened to a bunch of stuff on the Youtube. As fine as much of it is crafted, I can never forgive Harry Nilsson for this:

or this:

or this:

Being unemployed sucks mainly because it gives you ample time to sit around and think of people who don’t think of you.

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One thought on “This happened.

  1. Mark D says:

    I remember this movie. It was pretty good and has a great cast.

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