Can you feel it?

Little by little? Your freedom eroding? Little by little? The gap between rich and poor getting wider and wider? Does that not bother you?

No one came for your guns. No one came for your freedom of religion. No Muslims came to take over the government. No homosexuals who got married affected your own marriage one bit. Did they? See, if you believe all that shit, as you now see, you got duped. It’s called “sleight of hand” and while you took chest-thumping pride in being vigilant in that regard, they were planning something entirely more pernicious while you weren’t looking.

In addition to “What’s The Matter With Kansas“, now you can go read “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein and see how all this anti-Union stuff fits right in with what she said would happen.   These anti-union assholes are the same dickheads who would shit their beds if they weren’t secure in the knowledge that their nurses are union members. And according to that asshole Scott Walker, cops and fire fighter unions are OK. But not for the people who teach their kids.  The extra expense in the budget is hardly noticeable (some research shows that the cost is actually lower to the state to HAVE unions), but the message is the more important thing.

Once the unions disappear, a great part of America, the very engine of the middle class will be gone forever.  Stop being blinded by rhetoric. THIS is ground zero.

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