No one move a muscle as the dad comes home.

So this morning I’m making cereal (not making really, facilitating in an orderly manner is more apt) when this song comes into my head and remains there:

So I sing this to them as I pour milk on their Smorz:

Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals
Everybody happy as the dead come home
Big Black Nemesis, parthenogenesis
No one move a muscle as the dead come home

And Harrison says: “comes...”

Me: “no, I think it’s come…”

H: “It’s supposed to be comes.”

Me: “Wait…he says ‘the dead come home’ like, you wouldn’t say ‘all those dead people comes home’, would you?”

H: “Oh…I thought it was ‘dad‘, like ‘no one move a muscle as the dad comes home’“…


So Shriekback was the band Barry Andrews formed after XTC and a brief stint with Robert Fripp in “The League of Gentlemen“. I bought this album when it came out. It can be seen as both a precursor to the Belew-era King Crimson and Eno and Byrne’s “My Life In The Bush of Ghosts“. I enjoyed it very much.

Here’s “Mea Culpa” from MLITBOG, one of the most influential albums ever released. Lead vocals: inflamed caller and smooth politician replying, both unidentified. Radio call-in show, New York, July 1979.

The bass player for TLOG was Sara Lee. You know her. She’s the one in the bathtub @1:55:

Here’s some solo Andy. Theme song for an entertaining TV show based in Niagara Falls.



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