When they invite us to be silent, they incite us to be violent.


Who's baby are you?


Sexuality is not sexy if it’s in your face 24/7. Janet Jackson was never sexy to me. Britney Spears, all the other sirens of our time, turn me off, because we know there’s deep sickness making them do the things they do, say the things they say. If Farrah Fawcett were asked to do a poster now, she’d have to have a water bottle full of chicken gravy and pose in reverse-cowgirl atop some twisted pseudo-ironic symbol for chastity. Ronald McDonald. The Pope. I don’t know. What I do know is that no one, but NO ONE was more of a sex symbol to me in my formative years than Yvonne Craig. She played Batgirl on the old Batman series of the late 60’s. And whenever I heard this theme music, there’d be…stirrings.

My favorite TV theme of all time is about :45 seconds. Billy May wrote it.

Billy May also co-wrote this:

#9 on the American singles chart in 1951.


Another GOP “Do as I legislate, not as I do” moment. Dude, no one cares who you fuck or who you want to fuck, as long as you don’t tell other people how to live their lives legally. When will the far right-tards tire of this?


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