Alan O’Day keeps the doctor away.

Who among us doesn’t recall roller skating in the 70’s to Alan O’Day’s “Undercover Angel”? I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to my talking body parts after a strong cup of coffee. Big shout out to Maria P. this morning.

Alan O’Day mentions spirituality/spirits, dead people in all three of his top-10 hits from the 70’s. All immaculately produced, all pretty catchy. I thought the Righteous Brothers‘ tune was pretty cringe-inducing, but still.  From the WIki:

Angie Baby” hit #1 at the end of December 1974 and became one of Reddy‘s biggest-selling singles. In an article he wrote in 2006, O’Day said the song took three months to write. Originally it was loosely based on the character in the Beatles’ “Lady Madonna“. In order to make the character more interesting, he decided to make her abnormal, and he thought of a young next door neighbor girl he had known who had seemed “socially retarded.” O’Day said he also thought to his own childhood, since as an only child who was often ill, many of his days were spent in bed with a radio to keep him company. He named the character Angie. Originally the character was just supposed to be mentally “slow,” but while writing the song, O’Day showed it to his therapist, who pointed out that the character’s reactions in the song were not those of a retarded person, so O’Day changed the lyric from “Slow” to “Touched,” and the character switched from retarded to “crazy.” This expanded to her living in a dream world of lovers, inspired by the songs on her radio. When an evil-minded neighbor tries to enter her room to take advantage of the girl, he is instead drawn into her reality, with weird and unexpected consequences. The intent was to show that the Angie character had more power than he or the listener expected; she literally shrank him down into her radio, where he remained as her slave whenever she desired him to come out.



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