The stuff you find!

I haven’t posted in a while because I’m in a shame spiral. Anyhow, please go to 1:42 of this video to hear a guitar break that became as pervasive as any other sample you’ve ever been exposed to. The origins of this are fascinating. Some of the guys who played in this band were contemporaries sand friends of Jimi Hendrix and toured with him in 1970. From the Wikipedia:


During 1969 – 1974 Ballin’ Jack headlined up and down the West Coast. They went on nationwide US tours warming up for many of the bands at venues like the Fillmore East and West. They were on the bill of several large music festivals of the era. They also played in Japan, where they were well received.

By 1975, the band had broken up. Luther Rabb later toured with Santana and, both he and Ronnie Hammon, later joined War.

Their song, “Found a Child” from their first album featured on the Columbia Records sampler album Together! and was prominently sampled on the Grammy-winning 1989 rap hit, “Bust a Move” by Young MC. The Beastie Boys sampled their song, “Never Let Them Say”, in the rap song “Shadrach”, from the 1989 album, Paul’s Boutique.


Go to 1:46 and prepare to have your mind blown. Remember me at your next wedding reception.


2 thoughts on “The stuff you find!

  1. Duncan Walls says:

    I sam Ballin’jack play between Toe Fat (pre-Uriah Heap) and Derek & The Dominoes in the fall of 1970 (Nov) @ The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Quite honestly they tore the roof off the sucker and were far more entertaining than Toe Fat AND Derek & The Dominoes.
    Reminds me of another show I saw a year or so after this one with Uriah Heap (headlining) ZZ Top opening and Earth, Wind & Fire in the middle. Same deal EW&F blew the other two bands away.
    I wonder if Ken Hensley from Uriah Heap ever realized he probably shouldn’t have R&B bands on the same bill as his bands.

  2. Gilbert Neal says:

    EWF and UH. Goddamn. Uriah Heap I spent a day looking for Youtube videos and trying to see what they were about. All too Spinal Tap. Terrible. You seemed to like them, hippie.


    So has there been a more disappointing solo career than Eric Clapton?

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