1. To wash my hands in the bathroom every time, not just when there are other people in there.
  2. Also, no more superfluous grunting.

From rap’s “Sgt. Pepper” (their words, not mine).

Here’s something for Dave P. of Berkeley, Michigan.

So my work contract (hence the term “contractOR”) has been extended for another 2 weeks. I’ll be here until Jan. 28th. I think I’ve done everything I could possibly do, endure all that a sentient adult could reasonably be expected to endure. Come on, now.

From The Beatles of Rap, had they not fallen off the path, had they not resorted to lifting from whole cloth instead of inventing entirely new rhythms out of found sonic items. Know what I’m saying’?

This sitar sample is from a group called “Rotary Connection“, their first album. Minnie Riperton was in that group. Hippy stuff. Crazy cover versions of hits of the day along with some originals. Same sample used less gracefully in The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly”.

Did you miss me this holiday? I missed you. I’m thinking of not even bothering with a 4th CD. I have very few fans, but they’re great. Still, a guy should have more.

I wholeheartedly endorse another fantastic blog for the catty side in you: Crazy Days and Nights. Lots of juicy Hollywood stuff, but I’m really only interested in the “old” Hollywood reveals. Like this one. You simply have to read it.




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