Porcine Drone’s Christmas Dance Party!!

Let’s all get up and dance!!! Merry Holiday Happy, everyone every!!! Here’s a little taste of desperation from 1976. Let’s all groove to DJB & H’s immaculately produced non-hit.

No? Try this. Under the mistletoe, nothing says romance like “Pop That Coochie”.

Oh, now we’re getting all sexed up.

Wait a minute. Let’s think about this, baby. (the white stuff is lard)

Here’s some cognitive dissonance for everyone’s tree.

Let’s get our “Stupid” on!!! Any rapper who name-checks Mr Limpett can’t be all bad. Or so I thought. No, he’s all bad. The non sequiturs crammed in to this dumb, dumb song just to complete a rhyme scheme make me almost angry. But wait, it’s Christmas!!! No time for anger.

Now, to the abyss. Merry Holiday. This one’s for you, Casey.



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