A recipe for shrimp scampi.

I always liked this song. I had very very high hopes for Lindsey Buckingham‘s solo career when this came out. A thinking man’s Don Henley. A hummable Tom Waits. A danceable, less smarmy 10CC. Just the right balance of quirkiness and melody. Sort of a soulful McCartney, if you step back and open your mind to it. Maybe it was that his talent was so great that it more or less caved in on itself. Whatever the case may be, this I could watch all day for the strange intro (name those session players) and the weird 50’s slapback echo on everything. I make no apologies for wishing he had become something more.

[livevideo id=9BBF78BA6C764FDD8E1B008B63A31E60]
This shrimp scampi recipe — whoo, boy, it’s a doozy. I promise it’ll make your bull run.

2 pounds of shrimp, peeled and deveined. Use the 20-30 per pound size.
2 pounds of linguine
2 whole lemons, juiced
1 TBS of dry oregano, and parsley
5 cloves of garlic
Enough high quality EVOO to cover a big pan bottom with about 1/2 inch.
1/4 pound butter
1 cup bread crumbs
1 cup Parmesan cheese
1 TBS white pepper and red pepper flakes
1 TBS cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper as you like.

Over medium heat, melt the butter in the EVOO. When that happens, add the garlic, white pepper and red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper and dry oregano. Cook that shit for about 5 minutes, stirring avery 30 seconds or so. If you burn the garlic, that’s all she wrote. Then add the shrimp. Cook until the shrimp is all tighty-righty and cooked through, but JUST. Meanwhile, cook the pasta.

Put the al dente pasta in a big fucking bowl. Then throw the contents of the shrimp pan right on top and mix ’em. Are they well-mixed? Good.

Now add the cheese, bread crumbs, lemon juice, and parsley. Mix it, fool. Shrimp distribution and even bread crumb/cheese disbursement is key. Through trial and error I have found this to be so.

Cook up some of your favorite garlic toast, and shake some extra parm on your spicy nice-nice.  In the 17 years of knowing my in-laws I have made four things that have pleased them greatly. Three children, and this.

Hey, a few years ago I sold my Roland R-8 drum machine. I got near to its original value on the Ebay. Would you like to know what a Roland R-8 sounds like? It sounds like this (courtesy of my friends at Everything Is Terrible):

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6 thoughts on “A recipe for shrimp scampi.

  1. Duncan Walls says:

    What About a Squirrel scampi? Apparently they’re killing and eating then in England to reduce the invasive American Greys who are decimating the native English Red Squirrels. The TV blip I saw says they’re very tasty…Hmmm
    Not trying to cause any TROUBLE (great band btw)…loved the Lindsey; I had forgotten that one. I actually think I still have it on 45, so I’m gonna look and or search until I find it online again. All I can identify is Mick Fleetwood there…who else did you tag?

  2. Lookie heah.


    Walter Egan? Really? He, for the unwashed, recorded that perennial summer hit “Magnet and Steel”.

  3. Duncan Walls says:

    one of those guys with the glasses look suspiciously to me like Donny Iris (MCA) of “Ah, Leah” fame who like wise was a HUGE overdubber…

  4. I thought the last guy to do the count, with the glasses and bad teeth was Jeff Porcaro. Donny Iris was in Jaggerz of “The Rapper” ‘fame’. As their website states, they “continue to perform select public and private shows, during the year [sic].” let’s chip in!!!

  5. Duncan Walls says:

    What? For more chipped teeth? Really? Donny Iearce ( Iris) is back with and still playing ‘The Rapper” ? God I hated that song when it was out. So annoying. Now “Ah, Leah” was more Buckingham-iam syled power pop.

  6. Good times. Donny Iris, Ian Gomm, Warren Zevon, Jay Ferguson, all those dudes. When Shakedown Cruise came out, i had no idea he was in Spirit during their heyday.

    Last night to punish myself i sat at my desk and watched Uriah Heep videos all night. Wow.

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